Life’s Good Moments Make for a Lifetime of Good Memories


I read a brilliant quote in Spanish that roughly translates to, “Time does not run, it flies. So, make good times and don’t miss them. He who has good moments will have good memories.” I love that, don’t you? Let’s talk about it and see how we can turn good moments into a lifetime of good memories.

have good memories in your life.

Time doesn’t run, it flies!

Isn’t that the truth? If time ran, at least we could keep up with it. Instead, it’s like we blink, and years have gone by. One minute you’re graduating high school and setting out on your adventure through adulthood. The next, your own baby is starting the same journey. Blink again and suddenly you’re a great-grandmother looking back at dozens of years’ worth of memories.

Studies show that we tend to remember the good more than the bad. When you’re old and gray, wouldn’t you rather take a long hike down memory mountain than a quick jaunt down memory lane? In other words, do you want to remember just a handful of giant milestones or thousands of tiny good moments? I know which I’d prefer.

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

Good Moments Make for a Lifetime of Good Memories

It makes sense, right? Of course, the good moments in our life become the best memories that we look back on when we’re older. During normal happy times, making good moments is a breeze. We don’t even have to work at it! I think about all the family trips we took last year- to the beach, amusement parks, even just out and about in our own city- and I’m filled with joy knowing that my kids will always have those good memories.

Unfortunately, during harder times it’s often easier to focus on the bad stuff and forget all about the little moments that make life so wonderful. Ironically, those are the times when it’s really most important to focus on what’s going right in your life, especially if you want more good memories than bad later in life.

I think we can all agree that these are very trying times, right? For those affected in the most tragic of ways, I know that no amount of “focusing on the good” can ever turn these days into good memories. I won’t even pretend that it can.

However, for many of us, we have an important choice to make. Do we choose to spend our days filled with anger and frustration over what we can’t change? Or do we throw ourselves into making good times now, so we have good memories later? Personally, I’d rather look back on these times (or any trying times, really) and know that I did my best to create happy memories for myself and my family.

Yes, it’s not always easy. How do we make good moments during hard times? How do we ensure that years from now, we’re looking back with a smile instead of through tears?

How to make good memories even in the toughest of times

Like I said, making good memories during easy times is effortless. When we’re happy, every moment is a good one. How do you turn tough times into good memories, though?

Start each day with a smile

There’s a reason why they say that grumpy people “woke up on the wrong side of the bed.” How we wake up sets the tone for the entire day. If you wake up groaning and dreading the day ahead of you, you’ll only see the bad moments. However, if you want up with a smile and think, “Today is a whole new day and a new chance for good things to come my way,” you’re more likely to focus on the positive.

Keep smiling, because life is a beautiful thing and there's so much to smile about.

Practice gratitude

While recent studies show that practicing gratitude doesn’t do as much to stop depression and anxiety as we once thought, it also doesn’t hurt. Looking for things that make you grateful isn’t just about making you feel better though. It’s a wonderful opportunity to really reflect on the smaller moments and commit them to memory.

Keep a “line-a-day” journal

If you’re already into journaling, good for you! For those who feel like they don’t have time to write down paragraphs (or pages) of thoughts every day, though, a line-a-day journal is brilliant. These low-pressure books invite you to sum up your entire day in just one sentence. Use that single sentence to focus on something wonderful that happened to you that day, even if it’s just “Saw the most beautiful sunrise this morning.”

memory is the diary

Spend time in the present

The next time your kids invite you to play, get down on the floor with them. Then, really be there instead of thinking about bills, food shortages and so on. Trust me, those problems will still be there in an hour. Your kids only stay little for so long, so enjoy them! Time never flies faster than when we’re watching our kids grow up, after all.

Basically, just be more mindful about creating good moments. If you focus on doing that, you’ll have a lifetime of good memories to reflect on one day.

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