Man comes across dried up and stiff ‘zombie’ fish – when he pours water over it, the unbelievable happens


There are so many strange creatures in this world. As humans, we are not even close to discovering all the species that cohabit on this earth with us. This man comes across a fish that he thinks is dead. When he pours water over it, an unbelievable thing happens.

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An extraordinary video was making rounds on social media because of the miraculous moment it showed. It showed a zombie-like fish, that was completely dried up and crumbling to the touch.

But then, the person filming took out a bottle of water and poured a little on the fish’s mouth. And suddenly, out of nowhere, the fish is resuscitated and is alive. The fish is known as the suckermouth catfish, also commonly known as the pleco. It is a species that has, over time, developed the ability to switch to a hibernation-like mode.


The fish is able to survive under dried hardened mud for months! The fish has evolved to be able to survive under the mud and live without any access to water until the rain arrives again.

Unlike most fish, plecos can also live outside of water for up to 30 hours if they have stored enough oxygen in their abdomen.

The species is very adaptable, the air-breathing freshwater Suckermouth catfish can weigh up to three pounds. It relies on an accessory organ associated with its gill cavity which helps it to breathe.


They have gills which they use for respiration and to swim up to the water’s surface to breathe air when they feel like the oxygen in the water is enough.

The air-breathing freshwater Suckermouth catfish is native to northern South America. The fish is named for its specialized mouth that looks like a suction cup. But plecos are not the only fish that breathe air.

Check out the video here.


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This is such a fascinating animal! What do you think of ‘zombie’ fish? Did you know about them beforehand? Let us know in the comments!

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