Man out on bond assists police officer struggling to gain control of suspect


Months ago Mark Anthony Gonzales found himself in trouble with the law yet again, but he didn’t let his criminal past stop or contempt of law enforcement and the legal system from helping an officer in trouble.

“I still went out of my way because I knew it was the right thing to do,” he said.

The entire situation was captured on camera, and after being shared online it went viral.

The incident unfolded on August 22 in San Antonio, Texas when Gonzales was on his way to the gym.

He witnessed a man trip and fall and an officer, who was chasing the man, fall on top.

“I said, ‘Hey, that’s the cue I need, because this officer is in need of desperate help.’”

Gonzales, who was with his wife, approached the officer and offered his assistance.

Meanwhile his wife began recording so it would be clear that Gonzales – he was currently out on bond after an arrest in May – was helping and not hindering the officer.


Gonzales knelt on the suspect’s legs while Officer Linville attempted to gain control. At one point the suspect, Jack Albert Evans, reached for the officer’s gun, which Gonzales said was “one of those life-and-death situations.”

Thankfully, between the two of them they were able to pry the suspect’s fingers off the officer’s gun and gain control of the situation.


Gonzales, who found himself literally fighting for survival from an early age, is a trained Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighter.

“It was just like watching a buddy on the mat and my training kicked in and I was able to lend a helping hand,” Gonzales said.

And he credits his training with changing all aspects of his life.

“It changed my mentality, my behavior, my actions, my thoughts,” he said. “With the right training and the proper techniques, things can occur differently and peacefully.”

Evans was arrested and charged with attempting to take a weapon from an officer, evading arrest and felon in possession of a firearm following the struggle.

Gonzales wants others to know that despite having what many may consider a problematic past, he’s still a good guy, and there’s more people out there just life him.

“I’m doing a lot more good than what you have on record and you have no record of what I’m doing that’s positive.”

Thank you Mark for stepping up and putting your life on the line to help Officer Linville.

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