Michael J. Fox, 62, admits he doesn’t “fear” death in new update after 30-year Parkinson’s battle


It’s been a long and arduous road for Michael J. Fox since his Parkinson’s diagnosis.

Though he initially kept quiet after being given the life-changing news, Fox has become the face of awareness for the disease in the decades since. The Back to the Future star has spoken often about the difficulties associated with Parkinson’s disease, and fans have seen firsthand how it has affected him.

In a new update, Fox has once again reiterated that he remains optimistic, admitting that he doesn’t fear dying as a result of his health troubles…

It should go without saying that Michael J. Fox has had a complicated life, one thats highs and lows are exceptionally juxtaposed.

Having been diagnosed in the early ’90s, Fox went from an actor at the pinnacle of his career to one facing the prospect of contending with serious health issues for the rest of his life.


Despite holding out on going public with his diagnosis for seven years, however, Fox has done his utmost to raise funds and awareness since then, all with the aim of ultimately finding a cure.

His positive outlook has been nothing short of awe-inspiring, though the actor has conceded that it’s getting harder as he grows older.

“I’m not gonna lie. It’s gettin’ hard, it’s gettin’ harder. It’s gettin’ tougher,” the retired actor told CBS Sunday Morning anchor Jane Pauley earlier this year in April.

“Every day it’s tougher. But, but, that’s, that’s the way it is. I mean, you know, who do I see about that?”

MIchael J Fox
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Good+Foundation

In a more recent update, the iconic actor referred to himself as a “tough son of a bitch”, and revealed he isn’t afraid of dying.

“One day I’ll run out of gas,” Fox admitted, as per People.

“One day I’ll just say, ‘It’s not going to happen. I’m not going out today.’ If that comes, I’ll allow myself that. I’m 62 years old. Certainly, if I were to pass away tomorrow, it would be premature, but it wouldn’t be unheard of. And so, no, I don’t fear that.”

In any case, I think we can all agree that Fox is rightly regarded as a legend in the entertainment industry.

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