‘Miracle man’ beats COVID-19, credits survival to the power of prayer


Louis Cabarubio can finally breathe again, both literally and figuratively. After weeks on a ventilator, he’s now a COVID-19 survivor and he’s finally home to continue his recovery.

“All I remember is I was fishing one day, and the next day I woke up in the hospital.”


In April, Cabarubio went to the hospital in Texas City, Texas. His prognosis was not good.

“The doctors told us he didn’t think that he would make it through the night, from the first night he went in,” his daughter Norma said.

The 75-year-old, he turned 75 while in the hospital, spent weeks on a ventilator and a month in the ICU.


And while doctors, nurses, and medicine helped him beat the virus which has since killed more than 630,000 people, Cabarubio said prayer was also a big factor.

Every night at 7 p.m. his family prayed together on Zoom. They even had Cabarubio’s nurses put a phone up to his ear so he could hear them praying for him.

“I really feel that got my dad through this. It was the prayers. The power of prayer is real,” Norma said.

Shortly after Cabarubio was taken off the ventilator, he was able to walk out of the hospital.

“I was so happy and I was crying,” he said.

Cabarubio, nicknamed the “miracle man,” will continue his recovery at home. He’s currently being treated for a blood clot as a result of the virus.

What wonderful news! Congratulations, Louis! May you continue to heal.

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