Miracle Prayers For JUNE


●May God put an End to the
Coronavirus this month
● May your Health improve.
● May your Finances Multiply.
● May your worries Disappear.
● May your pain Be Less.
● May your plans works.
● May you Live Long.
● May the next few month
of 2020 bring Healings,
Blessings and Miracles.

Related Prayer:

Dear God, Thank you for the fresh grace and a new month full of Promise.. Lead me in your ways and fill my heart with love, peace and joy.. Help me to see others as you see them.. Grant me a mind free of worries and negative thoughts. Give me the eyes that see Good and Best in people.. The world is in Big crisis.. i pray that you put an end to the Coronavirus and let the people enjoy their lives.. Many people are dying because of the Hunger and Coronavirus God please be the provider of all the needy and poor..

Please Do not keep these prayers to yourself. Share these Prayers and Let your loved ones benefit from this too. AMEN

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