Mom delivers ‘miracle’ triplets after doctors dye her placenta different colors


Ask any mom and they’ll tell you just how magical the moment is when you first hear your baby’s heartbeat.

I can only imagine that sense of sheer wonder is further enhanced when, like 29-year-old Sammi Edes, you’re told you’re having twins.

Sammi, a mom from Melbourne, Australia, was of the belief that she was going to be having twins. Everything changed, however, when an ultrasound revealed she was instead pregnant with identical triplets.

Facebook / Sammi Edes

Now, identical triplets are exceptionally rare, and Sammi was obviously over the moon. Her joy soon turned to worry, however, when at the 20 week scan her obstetrician told her that perhaps it would be best to terminate her smallest baby.

The little one, named Thomas, wasn’t developing properly, thus posing a risk to his two brothers. It’s important for all babies to have sufficient access to the placenta whilst in the womb, enabling them to receive the blood, oxygen and nutrients they need to grow.

To show the difference between the amount of placenta Thomas was getting compared to his brothers Geoffrey and Hunter, doctors dyed Sammi’s placenta. You can see the difference for yourself in the image below:

Facebook / Sammi Edes

Thomas’ access (dyed yellow) was little by comparison, starving him of food, oxygen and nutrients. Doctors feared he wouldn’t survive.

Sammi, though, was determined to fight for the lives of all three of her babies. She didn’t once waver or give up.

Incredibly, all three of Sammi’s babies were born healthy at 30 weeks. Thomas was the smallest, with the obstetrician who delivered him dubbing him a ‘miracle baby’.

Sammi, meanwhile, shared the photo of her dyed placenta on Facebook, where it was met with plenty of attention.

She wrote: “I thought I would share this picture with all of you guys as it’s something we as mums don’t really ever get to see and this is our babies lifeline when inside us it’s pretty amazing to think that was keeping them alive.”

Facebook / Sammi Edes

Life truly is a miracle to behold, and I’m beyond delighted that Sammi was able to deliver all three of her perfect boys.

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