Mom gets $115 ticket after parking her car to feed her hungry newborn

As a mother of four children Guillermina Rodriguez knows all about having to change her plans last minute.

Kids are a blessing and fill our lives with so much joy, but they have their own time schedule which is never the same as us.

Living in Manhattan Guillermina not only copes with constant demands but very stressful situations especially as her youngest is three weeks old.

Recently the mom was in her car with her four children stuck in traffic for 45 minutes. Her baby girl started crying and mom Guillermina knew she was hungry.

Mom Says She Will Fight the Fine After Getting a Parking Ticket ...

She did what any mother would do: find a way to feed her hungry baby.

Guillermina pulled over and parked safely in a commercial zone so she could feed her baby in the backseat of her car, but as she was doing so she noticed a police officer and a tow truck outside her car.

“He just literally took out the tow truck. He was going to tow the car without even looking in there,” she said.

NY Cop Gives Woman $115 Ticket for Pulling over in Commercial Zone ...

“I was almost crying because she’s crying, and all I wanted to do was pull over so I could attend to her ‘I show him the baby, and obviously, my breasts. I’m like, “I’m breastfeeding the baby,’” she told ABC13.

“And he looks, and then he just gives me the ticket and walks away.”

Now the 30-year-old mom is asking for compassion and plans to fight the ticket. She is calling on breastfeeding advocates to help her raise awareness.

Any mom knows exactly why Guillermina had to do what she did, and that officer should have shown compassion.

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