New mom is forced to sleep on floor – when her fiance’s selfish reason is revealed, people are livid

A new mother needs a lot of support and love to maintain her strength and make sure she can give the best to her child and family. Her partner needs to be supportive as well.

This story really makes you think about how not everyone feels the same way.

Anyone who is a new parent knows how tough it is in the initial stages when you do not get enough sleep. While not getting enough sleep is a big issue, most parents are willing to forgo it for their children.

And most people go into parenthood expecting to lose sleep in the initial years. However, this one dad apparently seemed to be blindsided. He posted his predicament on a public forum and his issue made people incredibly angry.

His 29-year-old fianceé, whom he referred to as Jen, had given birth two months ago and was understandably still breastfeeding their baby. Of course, this meant that the couples’ sleep, especially the mother’s, had been affected.


The new dad wrote that while he helps out during the day in taking care of the baby such as changing diapers and such, his fianceé Jen took charge during the nights.

He explained that he recently started a company developing video games but it had not yet taken off and they could not afford to live off the money he was making with his company alone.

He explained that he also worked a 9-5 job to help pay the bills. He worked with four other people in his own company developing video games. When he gets home from his day job, he has dinner with his fianceé and takes care of the baby for a while after which he sits down to work on the game.


Some evenings he is working till 2 a.m. and hence is very tired. The tiredness causes him to snore quite loudly.

He wrote that the day before, the baby got his 2-month vaccine and was whiny. Since the baby was crying more than usual, it was difficult for his fianceé to get sleep. When he came to bed at 2 a.m., she asked him to sleep on the couch in case his snoring woke up the baby. He refused to do so.

He said to his fianceé that he did not think it was reasonable that he had to go and sleep on the sofa.

He told her he had to wake up early for work and wanted to sleep well. She did not argue with him, just called him a ‘fucking idiot’ and left the room with the baby. In the morning, he woke up to find her sleeping on the floor next to the baby’s crib. She did not have a pillow or a blanket and refused to talk to him.

He asked everyone in the forum whether he had been in the wrong and should apologize. And of course, people were upset with him!


People pointed out the way he wrote about the baby was all wrong. They were upset how he referred to taking care of his own child as ‘helping out.’ They pointed out that he was not ‘helping’ out rather, he was raising his own child!

People called him an idiot. A user wrote, “You’re the idiot. And what do you mean you help change diapers. It is your responsibility as a parent. You cannot babysit your own children.”

They added that he had not empathy for his partner and child. People said that they would be willing to go to great lengths if that improved their child’s life and that there is a difference in being a father and a sperm donor.

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