Officer’s welfare check leads to a new refrigerator full of food for elderly woman


When an officer from the Seguin Police Department responded to a welfare check, no one ever could have guessed something so routine would have turned into something so well received throughout the community.

In mid-July, Officer Dustin Kincaid responded to a welfare check on an elderly woman in Seguin, Texas.

When Kincaid arrived he found the woman to be okay. He engaged in a conversation with her and learned that her refrigerator was broken, and she had no way to replace it.

“I was just talking to her a little bit and she told me her refrigerator went out, she’s on a fixed income and she didn’t know how she would get it fixed or get a new one and afford to buy food,” he told the Seguin Gazette.

Photo by Abdullah Ahmad on Unsplash

Kincaid got an idea. He reached out to his department asking if anyone would like to help the woman.

“I am blown away from the response that I got from my fellow officers and co-workers at the Seguin Police Department,” he said.

To his amazement, enough people stepped up and by the end of the day not only were they able to get the woman a new refrigerator, but they were also able to fill it with food.

Posted by Seguin Police Department on Thursday, July 15, 2021

“There are too many SPD employees, both sworn and non-sworn who gave their personal time and money to help out this lovely lady who needed a hand to name,” Chief Terry Nichols shared on Facebook.

Kincade said he plans on visiting with the woman at least once a week to continue their friendship.

We need more police officers like Officer Kincaid and those at the Seguin Police Department.

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