One never gets over the loss of a loved one


If there was anything I am much scared of, it is to lose a loved one again.
When someone we love dies, we slowly get through each day, but always keep them tucked safely in my heart.
Have you ever been so addicted to having someone around you that your day feels useless when you are far from you?
The only childhood friend I had died at the onset of our teenage life. We were always mistaken as twins as we rarely do things apart. Our parents always provided the same outfits for us; the two families became one big family because of us. I do sleepover in her house many times. She became the sister and sibling I always wanted.
The most painful part of losing her was at her death bed. She is asthmatic and started having attacks in the night. I am a deep sleeper, and when I got to notice she has an attack was late. On rushing to get her inhaler from the wardrobe, she drew her last breath. I was the last person that saw her before she gave up the ghost.
I can never forget her and the memories we created, no matter how busy I get. I can never stop taking roses to her grave every third Wednesday of the month when I lost her.
If wishes indeed come to pass, you could have been back to me. Everything I do reminds me of you. You will always remain in my heart best friend, and I wish to join you someday.

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