Owner takes healthy cat to be put down for not using the litter box — vet saves her life


Having a pet is a lifetime commitment, but too many owners give up on their pets for minor inconveniences, and even try to have them put to sleep.

That was the case for one poor cat, was nearly euthanized over a minor medical issue. But thankfully, the cat’s life was spared and now she’s looking for a new home.

Lulu, a 13-year-old Himalayan cat, was taken to a vet last year by her owners who wanted her to be put down, according to People. The reason: Lulu would pee without using the litter box.

May be an image of ragdoll cat and text that says 'Lulu'
Facebook/Dutchess County SPCA

The vet examined the cat and found that she was in good health, and refused to euthanize her. The vet instead urged the owners to sign over ownership of Lulu. After the owners agreed, the vet brought Lulu to the Dutchess County SPCA, a no-kill shelter.

Shelter staff soon realized there was a reason that Lulu wasn’t using the litter box: she had urinary crystals, a common problem among cats of her breed. “The issue was resolved with a simple diet change,” Lynne Meloccaro, the executive director of Dutchess County SPCA, told People. “Since she has been here, she has not had any problems with the litter box.”

May be an image of ragdoll cat
Facebook/Dutchess County SPCA

It’s heartbreaking to think that Lulu’s previous owners nearly had this beautiful cat put to sleep over such a minor medical issue that could have been easily resolved. The shelter urged people to explore other solutions before resorting to euthanasia.

“Your pet doesn’t want to leave you — don’t give up on them until you have explored every option for helping them,” Meloccaro said.

But thankfully, Lulu’s life was spared, and now this sweet senior cat is looking for a new, laid-back home to spend her days in.

Her adoption page says she is looking for a quiet home with a warm bed to curl up in. She is good with children over 12 but not good with other cats, and would do best as the only pet in the household.

Interested owners can apply online. They will need to meet Lulu in person at the shelter in Hyde Park, New York to be considered.

It’s heartbreaking that anyone would try to have their pet euthanized like this, but we are glad Lulu’s life was spared and she is in good hands.

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