Parents killed in car crash on way home from son’s graduation – rest in peace


A family is in mourning after two parents died in a car crash on the way home from their son’s high school graduation.

As per reports, Nancy Barnett, 53, and Lyndon Barnett, 56, of Ewing, Kentucky, collided with a pickup truck in Fleming County.

Nancy died at the scene of the accident, while her husband later passed away at the University of Kentucky Medical Center in Lexington.

NY Post say that the couple’s sons, Dalton 18, and Michael, 26, were taken to hospital for treatment following the crash. As of Monday, Dalton was in a stable condition, while Michael was listed as critical but stable.

Stephanie Emmons, Fleming County High School principal, said the family had been involved in a crash “shortly after” Dalton’s graduation ceremony.

“We have learned that his mother, Nancy Barnett, and his father, both passed away as a result of the accident,” Emmons said in a statement.

“Please continue to uplift this family through your thoughts and prayers during this time.”

Mom Nancy had worn a shirt to her son’s graduation that read: “Senior Mom: Some people wait their entire lives to meet their inspiration. I raised mine. Class of 2020.”

“The Barnetts mean a lot to our Fleming County community and we will be here to support Dalton and his brother as they face the difficult times ahead,” said statement from officials.

The driver of the pickup, Anthony Bailey, 52, and his passenger, Nancy Bailey, were not injured during the crash. An investigation is ongoing.

Such a tragic turn of events. My heart goes out to the family of Nancy and Lyndon Barnett. May they rest in everlasting peace.

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