People spot unique spiky metal object in thrift store – the internet helps figure out what it is


Sometimes, you come across a picture and are left scratching your head, trying to figure out what it is. This is one such object that left people dumbfounded till someone figured out what it was, and then the puzzle fell into place for everyone!

Keep reading to know more about this mystery object that had people stumped!

Coming across an unidentified object in an antique store can sometimes lead to you discovering treasures. But whatever the case, you really need to get to the bottom of what it might be.

In Maryland, a thrift store had a peculiar metal spiked thing item that caught the attention of some shoppers and staff. While it had a price tag, the staff did not have any clue as to what the object was.


No one was able to figure it out in the store, but then people on the internet came to the rescue. Notably, users of Reddit were able to solve the mystery. The item was a roast or ham holder intended to be mounted on a cutting board, which was sadly missing.

Without the cutting board, it was really not obvious what the object was intended for. The design of the spikes, meant to hold something in place, was very intriguing to see. Because of the missing board, people in the thrift store could not figure out what the object was.

The object was truly a fascinating antique cooking tool that shows how kitchen tools evolved over time and what objects used to be common in kitchens back in the day.


Roast and ham holders, such as this one, used to be designed for practical purposes. They came in handy when large pieces of meat were the center of the dining experience. The metal spikes help anchor the meat to the cutting board and help with the carving process on the dining table.

This also looks great which helps the entire dining experience as well.

The missing cutting board, probably made of wood, would have completed this object and helped it still remain functional.


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