Police hunt for woman who dumped human remains backpack in store dumpster


A young woman was caught on camera placing a bloodied backpack in a store dumpster.

Police in Virginia are now searching for the woman after the backpack was found to contain suspected human remains.

Chesterfield County Police said they were called to reports of a female who had thrown a backpack in a dumpster behind a shop at around 1.50pm on Monday, August 30, as per CBS6 News.

According to reports, the female then walked into the store without the backpack before leaving the premises.

“A store employee checked the backpack, saw what appeared to be blood on it and called police”, as per the article.

“Officers on scene found what appeared to be human remains in the backpack.”

‘Could be of a baby’s body’

The human remains could be of a baby’s body, although the medical examiner’s office findings are still pending, as per CBS News.

According to the article, the bloodied backpack had identifiers on it that could lead investigating officers to a local high school.

The female, who has not been identified, was caught on security cameras at the store placing the backpack in the dumpster.

Police Searching For Woman Who Dumped Human Remains Backpack In Store DumpsterChesterfield County, VirginiaPolice…

Posted by True Crime on Wednesday, September 1, 2021

I hope this girl is found and gets the help she needs.

Please share this story in the hope that someone can identify her.

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