Police officer snaps perfect photo of two sea turtles kissing


Nature photography can be a beautiful thing, with a well-timed shot capturing a moment that reminds us just how loving animals can be. Like one viral photo snapped by a police officer that shows an intimate moment between two sea turtles.

Officers from the Sarasota Police Department, in Florida, were on patrol on the Sarasota Bay recently, out to protect marine life ahead of the city’s Powerboat Grand Prix.

And while out on the water, Officer Campbell snapped an adorable photo of two turtles who appear to be kissing each other:

People often say “love is in the air,” but sometimes love is under the sea, too.

Sure, they’re not really be kissing and it just looks like they are — kissing is an activity mostly exclusive to humans — but that hasn’t stopped this precious pic from going viral. And who’s to say these turtles aren’t a couple?

Either way, the Sarasota Police officers have been hard at work lately keeping creatures like this safe during the powerboat races, which were held June 26 and 27.

“If marine life is spotted in or along the race course, races will pause until they pass,” the Sarasota Police Department wrote on Facebook.
We’ve got eyes from high up, beachside & on boats not only to keep humans safe but marine life too!”

The racing event is part of Suncoast Summer Fest, a weeklong event lasting through the Fourth of July that supports local charities.

What a beautiful photo! Thank you to the Sarasota Police Department for snapping this great pic and looking after marine life.

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