Prayer warriors stand outside of Florida hospital and pray for healthcare workers and patients


As soon as it became clear that COVID-19 was not going away in a week or two, people around the world began a nightly routine of clapping for the healthcare workers who went to work every day fighting an unknown virus.

Besides staying home and wearing masks, it was the least many of us could do to show our appreciation as they worked extremely long hours to try and save as many lives as possible.

While the clapping and singing from the balconies may have stopped, there’s at least one group who is still showing up for our healthcare workers.

“We are praying for all the healthcare workers, the doctors, the patients, for the families who can’t come and visit their patients,” Mary-Ann Fontaine said.


Fontaine is a part of a group prayer warriors from St. Clement Catholic Church in Plant City, Florida who have been praying for the healthcare workers at South Florida Baptist Hospital since the start of the pandemic.

“We felt frustrated that we couldn’t do anything,” Joey Findlay, who started the group, told Fox 13 News. “We couldn’t help anybody. Couldn’t go to anybody’s houses, but we could pray.”

"A prayer team met at South Florida Baptist Hospital for the second Wednesday in a row to pray for our healthcare…

Posted by St Clement Catholic Church on Monday, May 4, 2020

So, every Wednesday for the past year, a group of parishioners drive to the hospital’s parking lot and pray for everyone inside.

“They have been out here every single week providing support and prayers to our staff, to our patients and we really can’t thank them enough for being here for us,” Karen Kerr, president of South Florida Baptist Hospital, said.

Although the vaccine is providing some light at the end of the tunnel, it’s unclear when the pandemic will be officially over, so until we don’t have to worry as much about COVID-19, the prayer warriors will at the ready, prepared to give strength to anyone who may need it.

What an amazing effort! I also pray for all our healthcare workers. They’ve been doing an incredible job this past year, and they deserve all the recognition they can get.

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