Queen Elizabeth heartbroken and ‘hurt’ over Prince Harry’s latest outburst


Prince Charles has shown no signs of forgiving his son, Prince Harry. Not only did he “ambush” his son – in Harry’s mind – following Prince Philip’s funeral, but Charles also has other things in mind, like ignoring Harry and Meghan totally and throwing them out of the Royal Family for good.

And as for Charles’ behavior, Queen Elizabeth reportedly isn’t happy.

Sure, he’s helping her more and more with her duties and responsibilities, but as for the bad relationships within the family, she’s very upset with him.

However, it isn’t only Charles that’s left the Queen in a bad mood. Following Harry’s podcast interview, where he bashed his father for causing him suffering, Elizabeth is said to be heartbroken.

The official mourning period for Prince Philip has ended. Now, the Queen has returned to her royal duties, and she’s working her way through things as only she knows how.

Prince Philip Queen Elizabeth

Yet while Queen Elizabeth continues with her duties, they will undoubtedly be a deal emptier without her beloved husband. She has remained steadfast in her service for almost seven decades since inheriting the throne in 1952. Throughout this time, she’s battled personal turmoil within the Royal Family, global conflicts and many changes in the UK.

Charles and William to help the Queen

Of course, given her advanced years, it’s safe to say Elizabeth’s work isn’t getting any easier.

This, as per reports, may mean that some of the Queen’s responsibilities might be handed over to others in her family. For instance, her son and heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Not only that, but her grandson and the second-in-line to the throne, Prince William, may also need to step up.

“Her family will step up and be by her side, but she will carry on,” a source told People in early April.

“She understands that she has a job to do, and [Philip] would have wanted her to crack on. She did do so when he retired from public life,”

The source added: “She will never abdicate because of duty and honor and public service is so deep in her, as it was for him.”

A source told the Daily Mirror, meanwhile: “The Duke of Edinburgh is irreplaceable and the Queen’s dedication to duty is undiminished.”

Prince Charles

Even though Elizabeth will continue with her duties as the Queen, it will likely be extremely reassuring to have Prince Charles at her side. At the same time, Royal expert Angela Levin believes that he will get his way when it comes to big decisions.

Queen Elizabeth to ‘fade away’

Why? Because the Queen doesn’t want to “fight Prince Charles anymore”. She will also start stepping back, as Charles begins to appear more in public, Levin claims.

“In fact, she will be grateful for him to be taking over in making I imagine quite big decisions on behalf of the Royal Family,” she said.

With the Queen now 95 years old, former BBC royal correspondent Peter Hunt claims that Elizabeth soon will begin to slowly retract from the spotlight, and instead allow others to do the heavy lifting.

“Fundamentally, the queen will fade away gracefully,” Hunt said.

queen elizabeth

“Covid has helped in the sense that it has accelerated what any sensible 95-year-old woman would want to do, which is not stand on your feet all day long.”

Charles’ damaged relation with Harry

Peter Hunt adds that even though Queen Elizabeth has returned to work after Philip’s passing, she’s very unlikely to return to the hectic schedule she had before.

That included hosting receptions, meetings, garden parties and other events. Instead, she’s likely to attend meetings at Buckingham Palace just two days a week. For the moment, she lives at Windsor Castle, where she’s spent most of the last year in quarantine.

Prince Charles is next in line to inherit the throne. When he does, things could change rather quickly.

As per reports, a senior royal insider claims that Charles and his two sons William and Harry met following the funeral of Prince Philip. It’s believed that in the wake of the Oprah Winfrey interview, Charles will make some big adjustments once king.

Meghan Markle

According to sources, Charles is planning to “ditch” Meghan and Harry from the Royal Family once he ascends the throne.

‘Meghan & Harry let down the family’

“Prince Charles has wanted for a very long time to cut the monarchy down to save costs and to make people be worth the money that they got from the taxpayer,” a royal expert said on TalkRADIO.

“I imagine that might be when Harry and Meghan are ditched from being members of the Royal Family.”

But Charles isn’t just thinking about the future with the economy in mind. Rather, the fact that he’s planning on ditching Meghan and Harry from the Royal Family might have something to do with Harry’s behavior as well.

According to the US news outlet, Charles is having a very hard time moving on from the fact that Meghan and Harry have “let down” the Royal Family. During the Oprah interview, Harry even revealed that Charles stopped taking his calls following their move to the US.

However, the Queen is now starting to get tired of Charles not accepting the fact that Harry’s moved on.

Queen Elizabeth Prince Charles

“With the way things are going, Charles may never forgive Harry, which hasn’t gone down well with Elizabeth,” an insider told US Weekly. “She feels that he’s putting his pride before the best interest of the monarchy. She has enough on her plate dealing with the loss of her husband. It’s drama she can do without.”

Charles might never forgive Harry

The same goes for Harry and Prince William and, who aren’t speaking on a regular basis. However, he hasn’t given up quite yet. Just one month ago, it was reported that he’s ready to give Harry one more chance to prove that he’s loyal to the Royal Family.

The insider told US Weekly that William wants to be the “bigger person” and find a solution to their feud, which the Queen is very pleased to hear.

“He believes that in order to repair damage and destruction from Harry’s interview, the best approach is to keep things civil with his brother rather than fanning the flames and fighting back with a tit-for-tat attitude,” US Weekly reports.

“Elizabeth is proud of William for taking the dignified approach, unlike Charles, who still hasn’t forgiven Harry for dragging his name through the mud.”


The Queen made her first public appearance following Philip’s funeral last week when she formally opened the British Parliament.

Queen Elizabeth’s public appearance

Usually, the Queen wears her Imperial State Crown, as well as ceremonial robes, during the event. She also usually travels by coach on her way to parliament. However, this year was different due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Queen was instead taken to the Palace of Westminster in a car. And instead of the State Crown and robe, she wore a beautiful lilac colored dress and a hat.

Both Prince Charles and his wife Camilla accompanied the Queen into the Lords’ chamber. However, Charles didn’t sit next to her as he – and Philip – had done before.

Since Prince Philip’s passing, a new tragic detail was in evidence. Namely, the throne Philip used to sit on had been removed. This is the first time that particular throne has been removed in 120 years, according to the Daily Mail. It was installed in 1901 for Queen Alexandra, who was the wife of King Edward VII.

Queen Elizabeth

So why didn’t Prince Charles take his place on that throne? Well, according to Daily Mail, Charles sat on a chair of state to the side due to social distancing rules.

Harry slams father and royal life

Usually, the House of Lords is packed with both diplomats and politicians for this traditional opening. However, BBC reports that just 108 people attended. Attendees had to wear masks, as well as show negative COVID-19 test results beforehand.

Maybe getting back to normal has been very good for the Queen? Now, she’s been able to focus on her duties, and spending time with her family as well.

Harry’s taken up plenty of Queen Elizabeth’s energy. And following Harry’s latest interview, it’s getting more tiring than ever for her.

Harry spoke openly about his personal struggles and seeing a therapist, as well as shared his thoughts on his own upbringing on the podcast Armchair Expert, last week.

At the same time as stating that he places no blame on his father, Harry said Charles handed down a “cycle” of “genetic pain and suffering”.

Prince Charles

“I don’t think we should be pointing the finger or blaming anybody. But certainly when it comes to parenting, if I’ve experienced some form of pain or suffering because of the pain or suffering that perhaps my father or my parents had suffered, I’m going to make sure that I break that cycle so that I don’t pass it on basically,” Harry said.

Royal life like ‘living in a zoo’

“There’s a lot of genetic pain and suffering that gets passed on anyway, as parents we should be doing the most that we can to try and say ‘you know what that happened to me, I’m going to make sure that doesn’t happen to you.’”

Speaking on his father, Harry continued saying: “I never saw it, I never knew about it, and then suddenly I started to piece it all together and go OK so this where he went to school, this is what happened.

“I know this bit about his life, I also know that’s connected to his parents. So that means that he’s treating me the way that he was treated. Which means how can I change that for my own kids?” he added.

Youtube/Entertainment Tonight

Weeks earlier, Harry made a statement about being a member of the Royal Family. It was clear, since he and Meghan left, that he didn’t want anything to do with it anymore.

However, in a recent interview, he compared his royal experiences to being on The Truman Show, as well as “living in a zoo”, as reported by Today.

“The biggest issue for me was that being born into it you inherit the risk, you inherit the risk that comes with it — you inherit every element of it without choice and because of the way that the UK media are, they feel an ownership over you,” Harry said.

Queen heartbroken over Harry’s words

And now, the Queen’s had enough. According to a US Magazine source, Queen Elizabeth is not happy about Harry speaking so freely about his family. In addition, Prince Charles and Prince William are said to be “livid” about the interviews.

“The queen is unimpressed with Harry’s latest interview and found it hurtful. It hasn’t done their relationship any favors,” the source told US Magazine.

Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth wants Harry and Charles to make amends. She is still said to have a “soft spot” for Harry.

‘Irresponsible of Harry’

William and Charles’ relationship with Harry has been heavily damaged these last couple of months. If they could choose, many of the Royal Family want Harry to discuss his opinions of them in private.

“It definitely hasn’t helped with healing the rift,” the source tells US Magazine.

“They feel it was thoughtless and irresponsible of Harry to once again shade [the Royal Family] so soon after Prince Philip’s death, while the queen is still mourning the death of her husband.”

What do you think of this? Should Harry stop talking about the Royal Family in public or does he have every right to do so? Please, give us your opinions in the comment section.

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