Raising my kids


Raising my kids
Raising my kids was my choice. I gave up things and went without them.
I regret nothing, my life is and will always be for my children, no matter how big they get.
They didn’t ruin my life; they gave me a whole new view of the meaning of life.

Motherhood is something I will forever be proud of.
Some people see it as the most complicated stage of their love, but it is the most interesting and thrilling part of my life.
How do you feel watching that child you once carried in your arms, growing and turning out to be like a younger version of you?
Motherhood is very stressful, with the troubles of raising a kid who obviously knows nothing; you are like its eyes and foot.
I can remember when I had my first child, too bad he took after his father who was strong-headed and less outspoken.
I never knew what’s called rest when I had him, he hardly cries or talks, he always uses that energy to mess things up in the house.
I wanted to cry myself out when I found peeing in my soup pot; that’s how ridiculous kids can be.
He is my first son, and a great reminder of my responsibilities as a mother; I don’t promise to give my kids all the riches in the world, but something I will never deny them is a mother’s love.
Many times, I have been on the verge of breaking down and losing it all, but seeing their face or hearing them speak to me, keeps me going.

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