Restaurant staff pay tribute to dying veteran by singing ‘Amazing Grace’


Getting older can be the hardest point in our lives as we come to the realization that we not as indestructible as we once considered ourselves to be.

Our mind may still feel like we’re 20 years old but unfortunately our body is not behaving the same way.

As we get older we realize that it’s not the career goals or money that we once chased that’s important but the loved ones we have around us.

For U.S. veteran Lyle Chauvin his diagnosis of an incurable brain tumor was heartbreaking.

Restaurant Employees & Guests Sing Amazing Grace to Acadiana Man

Thankfully, he was surrounded by friends and family who loved him and wanted to do all they could to make his final moments as happy as possible.

They took Lyle to his favorite restaurant and were surprised that he remembered it, as one of the side effects of his brain tumor was loss of memory, showing just how important the place was to him.

While at The Little Big Cup, in Louisiana, he and his family gathered for the last time for Sunday brunch.

As Lyle sat surrounded by loved ones his favorite song started to play “Amazing Grace.”

Restaurant staff break out in song to sing “Amazing Grace” during dying  man's final meal
The Little Big Cup, in Louisiana

Lyle started to get emotional listening to the song and his wife reaches for his hand while family and restaurant staff sing along. Even some of the other restaurant customers join in.

The song was not only poignant as Lyle’s favorite one but the lyrics inspire feelings of hope, that even in the darkest of times you can find light, love, faith and peace.

Posting a video of the emotional moment restaurant owner Sanjay Maharaj writes: “I’m blown away: Mr. Chauvin is dying and he wanted one of his last meals at The Little Big Cup! Our employees and guests joined his family celebrating his wonderful life! Y’all in a time of all this uncertainty, isn’t this truly amazing? People coming together ❤

Employees & Customers of The Little Big Cup Sing 'Amazing Grace' for  Acadiana Man's Last Wish - YouTube

“What an amazing tribute to this Wonderful Man, Veteran, Husband & Father! Kevin and I are simply honored that our little restaurant on the Bayou has become such a special place for so many.”

The post went viral gaining millions of views. A friend of Lyle’s shared the emotional post on September 1 saying he had sadly passed away.

“I can only be grateful that but even after a brief encounter he was my friend and forever a hero!” she wrote.

Watch the moving tribute to Lyle Chauvin in the video below.

Rest in peace Lyle Chauvin. You are a true American hero.

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