Sending Hugs and Love your way


You have created a spot for yourself in my heart. I can’t go a minute without thinking about you.
It has been years we saw last, but out of sight isn’t out of mind. I can’t get to forget the times we spent together.
The memories are just like yesterday. I can remember most of the sweet ones that leave me smiling every time I think about you. You make my day without even your presence.
The moment we spent at the park is the best moment of my life. Who can believe I was ever going to find love after what I have passed through, but here I am, with a rare gem in love with me.
I have gotten so used to having you around me that I feel like you are always with me even in your absence. You now occupy a more significant part of my life. I can’t stop loving you no matter what.
Meeting you was the best thing that has ever happened to me. I wasn’t ready to give love another chance, but my words and actions didn’t move you. You loved my flaws and attitude. You believed I would come around someday, and now we do not ever wish to let each other.
Love is indeed beautiful and worth a try. I can never regret the fact that I ever met you. You showed me what true love and friendship is. You became a friend and lover I ever wanted. I will always cherish you because I got myself an angel in Hugs and Love

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