Shelter dog who waited 7 years to find a home finally gets adopted


Every shelter dog is just waiting for the day when someone will take them to their forever home. But it takes some longer than others — some dogs wait many months or even years to find a home.

Like one dog, who spent most of her life in a shelter dreaming of a good home, but now her long wait is over thanks to her new family.

Baby Girl, a Black Mouth Cur mix, arrived at the Winnie Berry Humane Society, in Angelina County, Texas, in 2014. Little did anyone know, that would be her home for seven whole years.

Facebook/Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County

Over the years, Baby Girl became the shelter’s longest resident. Despite their efforts to get the dog adopted, the Humane Society could never find the right home for her.

The dog needed a special home, one without children or cats. While that limited her options, Baby Girl had a lot of love to give and everyone knew there was a perfect home out there somewhere.

“She was a lover. She loved all of our staff members too,” shelter supervisor Elizabeth Burns told KTRE. “She just wanted us to cuddle, hug and love on her all the time.”

Facebook/Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County

Baby Girl is no longer a baby — she’s a 12-year-old senior dog, and while she’s still very active and playful, older dogs aren’t most people’s first choice for adoption.

But recently, Baby Girl finally met the family she had been waiting for all along, when Monica and Mark Deaton entered the shelter and quickly felt a connection to the dog.

“She reminded me of my elderly dog that passed at 17 years old,” Monica Deaton told KTRE.

“Just looking into her eyes, I couldn’t understand why she had been there for so long. Just by looking at her, I sort of knew that she would fit with the family. She just had part of it.”

“Just her personality and everything made me think, yes. She is coming home.”

Facebook/Winnie Berry Humane Society of Angelina County

They made it official, and Baby Girl finally had a home after 2,326 days in the shelter.

The adopters say that Baby Girl has been adjusting well to her new home, and is not aggressive and gets along with other dogs. “When she gets happy, she prances with them and acts like a puppy. Then curls up, like she is old the next minute, and it’s cute,” Monica Deaton said.

And for the Humane Society, who has spent so many years trying to get Baby Girl a home, it’s a long-awaited if bittersweet goodbye.

“Baby Girl was just a really great dog here, and we’re going to miss her a lot,” Elizabeth Burns said.

We’re so glad this beautiful dog finally has a forever home! If you can, be open to adopting a senior shelter dog — it could make a huge difference.

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