Staten Island hospital marks major milestone: First day with zero COVID-19 admissions


In many parts of the world, the number of new positive coronavirus cases is decreasing. When we look at the current number of positive cases worldwide, it stands at nearly 5 million. But when we look at the number within our own communities it’s less discouraging and more encouraging.

Take for example, Staten Island University Hospital. The hospital on Staten Island in New York recently announced a major milestone.

On Sunday the hospital didn’t admit any new COVID-19 patients.

According to reports, it was the first day in two months that the hospital didn’t see a new coronavirus case.

A spokesperson for the hospital said the milestone occurred on both the Ocean Breeze and Prince’s Bay campuses.

“Getting to this milestone is incredible for the staff and more importantly, encouraging for our patients needing emergency care to come to the hospital. This is not over, we’re still seeing cases, but this decrease is due to everyone’s efforts in social distancing,” said Dr. Brahim Ardolic, executive director of Staten Island University Hospital.

Photo Credit: Bill Higgins

Gepostet von Staten Island University Hospital am Samstag, 28. März 2020

Also worth celebrating, in the beginning of May, SIUH discharged their 1,000th patient!

The hospital hopes this major milestone along with a new protocol for any patient entering the hospital will help the community feel safe again.

Excellent news! I can’t wait for the day that more hospitals report the same milestone. Share this awesome news on Facebook!

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