Stepdaughter tells stepmother to get rid of her baby, father supports his daughter


A 35-year-old woman has taken to Reddit to share her complex and rocky life journey, complete with stepchildren, pregnancy, and miscarriage.

The woman and her husband had been together for 14 years, and loved each other very much.

She was a loving stepmother to her husband’s older children, aged 20 and 23, even though she and her husband had faced challenges conceiving their own child due to infertility. Despite a miscarriage early in their marriage, they remained childless for years.

However, just a week before her 35th birthday, the woman received life-changing news: she was pregnant. This brought immense joy to the couple, but her husband suggested that they wait to share the news with family and friends, given their past experiences.

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The woman’s relationship with her stepchildren was rather up and down. They wanted desperately to be independent, and so had lived with her, her husband, or the woman’s mother-in-law. Unfortunately, the woman’s relationship with the mother-in-law was strained, contributing to a rift between her and the stepchildren. Despite this, she still loved her growing bond with them, even though they never saw her as their mother.

As they entered this new phase of life, the woman and her husband eagerly awaited the arrival of their long-hoped-for child. The woman even collected baby items, like clothes, blankets, and a pair of shoes.

However, an unexpected encounter with her stepdaughter shattered her dreams of becoming a mother. Her stepdaughter discovered the baby items and asked if the woman was pregnant. After she confirmed that, yes, she was pregnant, the stepdaughter simply said that it was “weird.”

Later, the woman’s stepson revealed a text conversation between himself and his sister, during which she complained about the woman’s pregnancy and the possibility of being mistaken for the child’s mother.

When she found out, the woman confronted her stepdaughter, who bluntly stated: “You should just get an abortion because this whole thing is [expletive] weird.” The woman was taken aback but says she thanked her stepdaughter for her honesty.

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Devastatingly, the situation took another unexpected turn when the woman’s husband, rather than offering comfort, suggested that they consider abortion due to their financial instability. He mentioned the strain of his new job and their existing parental responsibilities as reasons why having another child might be an issue.

The woman was resolute, rejecting the idea of aborting her baby and refusing to make such a decision based on her stepdaughter’s opinion. She left their home and stayed with her parents.

After three days, her husband reached out, and they arranged to meet on neutral ground. She conveyed her decision: her husband and stepchildren were no longer welcome in her home, which she had purchased before their marriage. Heartbreakingly, shortly after she asked them to leave, she suffered a miscarriage.

Several years later, the woman updated her story, revealing that she had divorced her husband. She went on to have a child with her college ex-boyfriend and, while she was not in a romantic relationship with him, she said she was happy and described him as a wonderful parent.

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