Teacher duct tape 10-year-old girl’s mouth shut in class to keep her quiet


When we send our kids to school, we do so with the expectation that they’ll be spending their time in an environment that’s both conducive to learning and feeling safe and secure as they grow.

Of course, kids will be kids and sometimes issues can arise relating to how the children at a certain school are behaving. What I would never expect, however – and I don’t think I’m alone in this – is for a teacher to turn bully.

Now, I understand that all teachers have different ways and methods of applying discipline and keeping their classes in line. I also understand that not every decision they make should be called into question by parents. That said, there is a definite line, and those teachers who cross that line need to be held to account.

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Victoria Phillips, a mother from Nashville, Tennessee, was reportedly furious back in 2018 to learn that her daughter had duct tape put over her mouth to stop her from talking while in school.

The incident occurred at Dupont Tyler Middle School, and saw Victoria’s daughter Reagan, a student in the fifth grade, humiliated.

Both the Metro Nashville Public School administration and the Department of Child Services launched investigations into the matter, with another child from the same class backing up Reagan’s claim.

“I am angry, I am hurt, and I am driven,” Victoria said at the time. She admitted that Reagan does talk a lot in class, but only because she’s excited to be in school and loves to learn.

When Reagan came home and, in tears, told her mom about the duct tape, Victoria said a “chill went down my spine.” The little girl said everyone had laughed at her, and her lip even started to bleed when the tape was removed.

Her mom was naturally left furious, and demanded a public apology from the offending teacher.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe a teacher charged with caring for and educating children would do such a thing. This story might be from 2018, but it’s just as powerful today.

What do you think? Should teachers lose their jobs if found guilty of behavior like this? Let us know in the comments.

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