Teen honors late grandfather by mowing veterans’ lawns for free


Nathan Adams loved working with his grandfather Frederick in the yard where Frederick passed on all his green thumb knowledge to his teenage grandson.

When the 72-year-old veteran died of cancer in February Nathan wanted to do something to honor his grandfather who had served in the U.S. Army.

The 14-year-old has now decided to use his skills to give back to veterans.

“He taught me when I was old enough to push a mower — how to start it and how to make the grass look good,” Nathan told Fox News.

Nathan, from Buffalo, New York, was looking to find a summer job but when nobody would hire him because of his age, he decided to set up his own business using the skills his grandfather had passed down to him.

“Papa taught him how to cut grass,” Nathan’s mom, Angel, said as per MSN News.

Nathan added: “I’ve always loved doing that.” 

So Nathan and his mom decided to set up a lawn mowing business with Nathan now referring to himself as the “Lawn Kid.”

Since May Nathan has been mowing lawns for his neighbors and if his client is a veteran he will mow their lawn for free. But Nathan didn’t stop there.

“He set a goal of 50 lawns for 50 veterans, and he’s going to cut them for free,” Angel said. “Even if he gets more than 50, he wants to keep going.”

Nathan only has 6 veterans on his list so is appealing to his local community to help him find more.

‘He just stuck with it’

The hardworking teenager has lots of support to help him reach his goal with some members of his community even stepping up when his lawnmower broke.

First a family friend bought Nathan a used one so he could continue with his business but when that one broke former client, Leona Doherty, who works at Lowe’s, got the store to surprise the teen with all new lawn equipment. 

“He didn’t quit. He’s 14, a teenager. A lot of kids would have been like, you know. And it was hot that day. He just stuck with it,” Leona said. “When you have the ability to make something a little bit better for somebody, you should just do it.”

TOUCHING: 14-year-old Nathan Adams lost his grandfather, Fred, to cancer. Nathan channeled his grief into action, cutting grass for veterans in Fred’s honor.

Posted by FOX 10 Phoenix on Monday, June 14, 2021

His mom says he’s a typical teenager with a huge heart.

“He also has ADHD and autism. He’s on the low end of the spectrum, and he doesn’t let that slow him down. It makes me so very proud to see him doing something in my dad’s honor,” mom Angel added. 

Now Nathan is working hard to achieve his goal. While he is cutting the grass he keeps his grandfather in mind and knows just what he’d be saying to him.

“I think his exact words would be ‘I’m proud of you bud.’”

Anyone who knows a veteran in Nathan’s area that could do with his help can reach Nathan at thelawnkid@yahoo.com.

This teen deserves all the praise for giving back to his community at such a young age.

Help more people support him in this his worthy cause by sharing his story.

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