Tennessee becomes first state in the country to create permanent day honoring brave lineworkers


The state of Tennessee recently added a new holiday onto its calendar, Electric Lineworker Appreciation Day.

As of April 10, Tennessee became the first state in the country to honor linemen with their own permanent appreciation day.

“You should be honored and appreciated for what you do on a daily basis,” Sen. Paul Bailey said during a special ceremony held at the Old Supreme Court Chambers on Monday.


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Sen. Paul Bailey and Rep. Clark Boyd, sponsors of the legislation, introduced the legislation in January 2023. The bill unanimously passed in both the Senate and House before Governor Bill Lee signed it into law in March 2023.

Each year the day of appreciation for the state’s 3,500 linemen will be celebrated on the second Monday of April.

Photo by American Public Power Association

This year dozens of workers from across the state attended a special ceremony at the Old Supreme Court Chambers.

“I love this career, I love the management that I have had in this industry, and I am very appreciative for what it has given me and my family,” Greg Allison, a lineworker for Middle Tennessee Electric, said.

“Safe and reliable energy is a critical part of Tennessee’s economy,” Mike Knotts, CEO of the Tennessee Electric Cooperative Association, said “and lineworkers are the guardians of that infrastructure. Their tireless efforts, often in the face of extreme weather conditions and challenging environments, keep the lights on and our homes, businesses, and communities powered. We owe a debt of gratitude to these brave men and women who work so hard to ensure our safety and well-being.”

This is an awesome idea! I’m glad the state of Tennessee is finally recognizing lineworkers for their hard work. I hope other states follow suit.

Please share if you agree that lineworkers should be recognized for the dangerous work they do every day.

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