‘The Best’ Cover of Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Dreams’ on YouTube Has Reached 27 Million Views, According to the Singer

Lanie Gardner: The Journey of a Musical Prodigy

North Carolina’s Gift to the Music World

Lanie Gardner, a talented vocalist from Burnsville, North Carolina, born in 1999, has rapidly gained popularity in the music industry. Her musical aspirations, influenced by her grandfather’s dream of a music career, began to take shape when she was just four years old.

An Early Start in Music

Possessing a naturally tuneful voice, Lanie not only embraced singing at an early age but also delved into songwriting by age twelve. Her early foray into music and her innate artistic sensibility set her apart, catching the eye of talent scouts who are increasingly scouting for emerging talent on digital platforms.

Social Media: The Launchpad to Fame

Lanie’s ascent in the music scene was propelled by her successful online presence, particularly on TikTok and YouTube, starting in 2016. Her covers of classic songs, especially Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams,” garnered widespread acclaim. This digital success led to her signing a management contract with Jonas Group Entertainment and a recording deal with Republic Records, milestones that underscore her growing stature in the music industry.

Witness Lanie Gardner’s incredible talent and her evolution from a young, aspiring artist to an internet sensation. Watch the video below to enjoy her enchanting musical performances that have captivated a global audience.

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