”The human barbie”: This is how she looks without all her makeup


When I was young, it barely existed at all – but today it feels like everyone knows someone who has had plastic surgery.

In a way it might be good, plastic surgery and injectables are no longer taboo. Not so long ago, it was something everyone knew about, but no one talked about.

And as long as it boosts self-esteem and makes people feel better about themselves, I personally have no problems with people going under the knife – but sometimes you wonder if things haven’t gone a little too far …

Valeria Lukyanova, also known as the ”Human Barbie”, took it one, or maybe 50 steps further, changing her appearance into that of a doll.

Posted by Valeria Lukyanova on Friday, January 29, 2016

Some people choose to undergo plastic surgeries in an attempt to alter their look – but Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova changed her entire appearance.

Born in Moldavia, Valeria became famous for her resemblance to a Barbie doll in 2013. It all started with her winning the worldwide beauty contest ”Miss Diamond Crown of the World”. After that, Lukyanova has appeared in several documentaries and magazines.

At first, it was mostly Russian media who covered her story, but Lukyanova would soon gain a worldwide fanbase via social media. Her internet stardom started to rise after she published photos and videos of herself.

Facebook / Valeria Lukyanova

”At first, I really didn’t like it because there was too much attention. Some people even followed me, secretly taking my photo. That I don’t like. But then, with time, I got used to it. People always want to take my photo. I don’t refuse it now,” she said.

Her doll-like figure both fascinates and shocks people – many see her as an extreme example of society’s expectations on perfect beauty.

Valeria Lukyanova, who claims to be of ”Eastern Baltic, but closer to Nordic” origin, had her story covered by Huffington Post and ABC News in 2013.

After that, her YouTube-channel skyrocketed.

Valeria Lukyanova / Facebook

A lot of viewers were horrified and lashed out at the young model, who had transformed herself into a doll-like human.

”She looks not only ugly, but ridiculous,” one wrote.

”A woman with completely perfect features is a boring woman,” another wrote, according to International Business Times.

Lukyanova’s body has always been the subject of scepticism. People were convinced that the young woman used plastic surgery or photoshop to carve out her waistline.

Human Barbie – GYM – Valeria Lukyanova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=roe2bYMg9I0

Posted by Valeria Lukyanova on Saturday, April 12, 2014

But Valeria denies that her body is the work of a doctor’s knife.

According to herself, she only had breast implants. The rest of her body is all natural and thin due to daily gym workouts and a strict diet. She has also denied that she had her ribs removed to make her waist smaller.

“It is hard work for many years and good genes… I do not drink, I do not smoke, and I lead a healthy lifestyle, my goal is powered by prana,” she said in a Youtube video, titled “Doll’s appearance is not everything.”

Controversial diet

It’s obvious that genes, plastic surgeries and lifestyle choices play a part in Lukyanova’s eye-catching appearance. As a strict raw vegetarian, she’s lived on a liquid diet from time to time.

But for the most part, she only eat raw foods.

”I really like all kinds of vegetables and especially broccoli. And regular cabbage and cauliflower. I always make myself salads out of them. I also really like nuts, but I don’t eat many of them because they are very high-calorie. For fruit, it’s grapefruit and apples,” Valeria told Cosmopolitan.

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In 2014, the spiritual Lukyanova claimed that she wanted to convert to ”breatharianism” and live off only light and air.

Breatharianists, who claim that food and water is not necessary for survival, are often described as a cult. Fortunately, Lukyanaova stopped this dangerous experiment after a while.

“I still would like to do breatharianism someday. But right now I am far from it, and I do not know when I will do it,” Lukyanaova explained.

Starred alongside Ron Jeremy

Today, the 29-year-old Lukyanova works as a model and entertainer. She is also a composer, an opera singer, and has recorded two albums of new-age music, according to Wikipedia.

In 2017, she starred in ”The Doll” alongside celebrities like Mindy Robinson and Ron Jeremy. The horror movie, which revolves around an escort made from doll parts, flopped big time.

But Valeria doesn’t have to worry about not making it the film industry – she actually has a bachelor’s degree in architecture to fall back on.

Valeria Lukyanova https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNZecWHkNNI

Posted by Valeria Lukyanova on Saturday, April 12, 2014

She also makes a living through her social media channels. On Instagram, she has 1.2 million followers, and Valeria is involved in several commercial collaborations. As an influencer, she often promotes makeup products.

Valeria also has 1.2 million fans on Facebook, but in recent years she has stepped away from that platform to focus on Instagram. On YouTube, she has 30,000 subscribers and a further 336,565 followers on her VK, the biggest Russian social network.

Personal life

Valeria now lives in Moscow, Russia. Before moving to Moscow, she lived in Odessa, Ukraine. But when war broke out in Donbas in 2014, she was forced to leave the area.

According to Valeria, she doesn’t want to have any children or a traditional family life. But she has found the love of her life in Dmitry Shkrabov, a Ukrainian businessman and her childhood friend.

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Valeria and her husband seem to have a lucky and healthy relationship.

When asked if he ever gets angry or jealous about all the attention Valeria receives, she answered calmly:

”No, he’s fine with it. He treats it as my aesthetic image. He’s totally fine with it.”

Overall, Valeria seems to have a great support from her family.

”All my relatives were of course very happy. They were very flattered that I was distinguished in this way and that I’ve become so popular.”

View on her nickname

Often posing pictures of herself in a minimal outfit, Lukyanova uses makeup and contact lenses to strengthen the Barbie effect. But her relationship to her nickname is somewhat bittersweet.

Valeria has repeatedly complained that she doesn’t like to be recognized as the Human Barbie, calling it ”a little degrading and insulting”.

She don’t like to compared with a doll – but at the same time it is an important part of her career and a big reason why she became famous.

”I don’t want people to try to copy someone, and that’s why I don’t like when people think I am imitating a doll; it’s degrading. I believe that every person should be himself. He can be inspired by someone but not just copy another person. That’s degrading,” she told Cosmopolitan in 2015.

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That said, she calls herself Barbie on social media.

”When people look for me, they look for me with that hashtag, so. I’m the most popular [Barbie] copy in the world. When people say “Barbie,” it’s clear that it’s associated with me, not anyone else. So that’s why I use that hashtag — so people can find me this way.”

Valeria wants to send message aimed at people who claims she’s promoting a negative and unrealistic body image to young women.

”I want to wish for everyone to learn to love themselves. And when they learn to love themselves, they will be loved by others,” she told Cosmo.

Valeria Lukyanova no makeup

Sometimes Valeria opens up on social media to show a more natural and authentic side.

Valeria Lukyanova / Facebook

And when she posts photos of herself without the heavy layers of makeup, Valeria looks like a completely different person.

Surely it’s quite fascinating to see her ”real” face for once?

Barbie Humana – Valeria Lukyanova http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpD1KQF4-Aw

Posted by Valeria Lukyanova on Sunday, April 13, 2014

Valeria has built a strange mystique around her person; she’s almost unreal.

But when you see what’s behind the heavily painted facade, it’s easier to understand her. And her thoughts on beauty and body ideals reflect her spiritual side.

”For me, beauty is the harmony of features and lines. Subtlety and sophisitication. Harmony of the external and internal. It is sincerity, kindness, power, and generosity that comes from within. All of these qualities are inspiring, and it changes your exterior. It’s a charisma”, she told InStyle.

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