The loss of a father can never be replaced


The loss of a father can never be replaced
If there was any painful experience I never seem to forget; it should be the death of my father.
I learned to live with it, but I feel so empty; it looks like a greater part of me is gone.
I know that death is an inevitable end; it comes when we least expect it and takes what we cherish most.
It has been five years since my dad left, and it still feels like yesterday. Mom, has been strong, and doesn’t want us to feel the absence of our father, but it still doesn’t change much.
My father was my best friend, and the best soul I ever met. I don’t know how he lives so strongly, and strong-willed.
The trying times during his sick days made me to understand he’s a fighter. The doctor said he had two months to live due to he had pancreatic cancer, and we didn’t find out, until the terminal stage.
He lived up to the eight-month, though he does pass out for days, but at the end of the day, he comes out alive.
His last few days on earth were the best moments of my life. We spent almost each day catching up on things we did together.
He died with a smile on his face; I know that wherever he is, he must be happy.
The loss of my father made me feel empty, like I have lost a great part of my life. It however taught me a lot; death can come at any time.

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