‘They’re just average classes’ – 13-year-old ‘genius’ starts first day at Georgia Tech


At just 9 months old Caleb Anderson’s parents knew there was something special about their son.

The youngster from Marietta, Georgia, was signing over 250 words and at 3 years old he was the youngest Black boy to be accepted into Mensa, the same year he passed the first grade.

Now at 13 years old most kids his age are going into 7th grade, studying civics, reading and writing but Caleb is starting one of the top universities in the country.

“It’s big but it’s really welcoming and homey,” he said of Georgia Tech, as per 11alive.com.

Like any new student, Caleb Anderson has some classes he looks forward to and others he is not as excited about taking.

Posted by FOX 5 Atlanta on Monday, August 23, 2021

“The classes try to be intimidating, but they’re really not. They’re just really average classes almost with just a lot more people and more technology,” Caleb explained about his first day as a student.

This isn’t Caleb’s first day at college, the ‘genius’ youngster has spent the last two years at Chattahoochee Technical College before being accepted at Georgia Tech.

“It’s definitely exciting. I’m nervous; I don’t want to screw up,” he said.

Caleb’s parents said while their son is only 13-years-old, he’s been dreaming of this moment for years.

Go Caleb–you got this!! “It’s definitely exciting. I’m nervous; I don’t want to screw up," Caleb Anderson said. 👏

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“Seeing him in his domain after all these years is exciting and fulfilling. Definitely a moment of nervousness for sure,” Caleb’s dad, Kobi, told 11alive.com.

Caleb’s mom, Claire, says the day was emotional for everyone. “Just to see him walking on campus for the first time, I just wanted to cry,” she added.

Caleb is majoring in aerospace engineering and minoring in chemistry and hopes to eventually work with aircraft as an aeronautical engineer.

“Hopefully, I get my bachelor’s and masters here. I’m really hoping to learn a lot of things here, meet a lot of acquaintances for the schools I want to go to and the places I want to work,” he said.

What an incredible teen Caleb is. Join us in wishing him all the success by sharing this story.

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