Treasure your dad


Each brand new day of my life can’t start without waking up to view your pictures once again before setting off for the day’s activities. Even as I engage in the day’s events, I can never forget scrolling through my album to see your face again. You are my most enormous fan and motivator.
How time flies, I can remember my first day on a train; it was with you, Dad. You are always with me each step I took in life that I feel so lonely when you aren’t close. You are my best friend and Dad; even in my next world, I won’t ask for another Dad if not you.
I thought you would be with me forever until we age side by side with your grandkids. Dad, I wanted my kids to meet you. I wanted them to meet my most excellent motivator and fan, too bad that you left me at an odd hour. I never knew what loneliness truly is until you left me.
If I had control over death, I would bring you back to life. Growing up without a mother was very hard for me. I never knew her. I grew up to know she died after my delivery. You never let me feel the emptiness that comes without having a mother.
At first, I thought you are my all until I saw other parents in twos, which was the only time I questioned about my mother. You filled in the role correctly that I couldn’t ask for more.
All these memories are in the past. I will forever cherish them until it is time for me to join you and mom, then we will be together to par no more. I will treasure you every day of my life; you are the best.

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