True friends are rare


Some people might say that one of the hardest thing to find is a diamond. Others might say is gold. To me, I think the hardest thing to find is a true friend. Gold, diamond, pearl and other rare things can’t be bought with money but a true friend can’t be bought.
A true friend is always hard to find. Finding a true friend is like finding your soul mate, hard to lose. No matter what happens or challenges that comes in the way; you will always find it hard to let go.
Having a true friend is the best thing that can happen to someone. He/ she can tell you the truth no matter how it hurts. They will always stick with you for better for worse.
They won’t get moved by what they hear others say about you. No matter how things go sour; they will always listen to your own story first.
Your true friend can be far away but not by heart. I bet you will always think about him/ her.
They become part of our lives without one even realizing it.
True friends are the best gifts one can ever have. They be with you not because of what you can offer; but it’s just that your souls understand each other.
Being far away from my best friend has taught me a lot. Distance can’t change how we feel about each other. I can be apart from you by distance but not by heart.
You have become a part of me that I can’t go about my duties without calling to know how you are faring. I love you and the times we spent together. The memories, fights and all that.
I have made a quite number of friends but none of them were as true as you. I love you so much.

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