Two high school teens suspended after sharing photos of maskless students in crowded hallways


Two students at North Paulding High School in Dallas, Georgia have been suspended after sharing images of a hallway jammed with kids mostly not wearing masks.

As per reports, the high school principal warned other students about doing the same, while Paulding County Schools Superintendent Brian Otott told parents the images lacked context.

15-year-old student Hannah Watters was wearing a mask when she took a picture of a busy hallway in the school, packed with peers not wearing facial coverings.

BuzzFeed News say she was slapped with a five-day suspension on Wednesday for violating the district student code of contact which prevents students from using social media during the day without permission of an administrator.

Speaking to BuzzFeed, Watters said: “Not only did they open, but they have not been safe.

“Many people are not following CDC guidelines because the county did not make these precautions mandatory.”

As per MSN, another student who wished to remain anonymous said he had also been punished for a similar offense. School Principal Gabe Carmona warned other students about “consequences”, according to audio obtained by CBS 46.

An intercom announcement saw him tell students: “Anything that’s going on social media that’s negative or alike without permission, photography, that’s video or anything, there will be consequences.”

Watters’ family say they intend to fight the suspension, though that may be difficult given that the teenager was on school grounds when she posted the picture.

Superintendent Otto, meanwhile, emailed parents yesterday (Thursday, August 6) to say staff at the school will be provided with cloth masks and face shields, while steps will be taken to ensure crowding in hallways is reduced.

That said, though social distancing and face masks are “strongly encouraged”, neither is a mandatory requirement.

“This is a new environment for all of us, but I want to reassure our community that we are addressing the issues that have come to light,” Otto wrote.

COVID-19 statistics in the U.S. remain frighteningly high despite President Donald Trump’s repeated attempts to allay fears. Recent figures suggest as many as 160,000 people in the U.S. have died, with upwards of 4.8 million cases confirmed.

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