We All Need a Support System


Life can get overwhelming sometimes. We find ourselves putting in our best and getting nothing in return.
We even try our best to stay positive in the face of tough times.
Despite all these, there are times when we need someone to hold us up, to encourage us, to look us in the eyes and say, “you got this.”
Your support system can be anyone. They could be your family member or a friend. It could be your life partner or our business partner.
It can be anyone. The only criterion for a support system is that they are supportive.
The kind of support is not the type that encourages us to be negative. No. The support system encourages you to keep fighting, keep believing, keep dreaming, and keep moving. It is not a job as much as it is a relationship.
The way you need a support system is the same way they and other people need one too. The whole support system is a 2-way thing.
Your support system does not have to be one person. It can be a group of friends who have each other’s back.
It can be a group of likeminded women, working together to achieve a goal.
Chin up girl.
We all need someone to say to us, “chin up girl, we got this” once in a while. We need people who understand that there is a struggle but are always around to support us.
Regardless of how strong and adept we are, we still need support.
Everyone needs a support system. It doesn’t have to have to be a formal group or process. It can just be people who are willing to be there for each other.
There are times when a simple “you got this’ goes a long way to helping us take the last lap in a race. There are times we need people to encourage us to take a leap of faith.
There are times when we cannot seem to get ourselves up, we need someone to pull us.
It is easy to sink into depression and stay there. It is easy to feel defeated in the face of challenges.
It is easy to get lost in our self-doubts, low esteem, weakness, and every single reason why we shouldn’t go on.
A support system will come through.
Support systems are fantastic because they are made of people who know you. They are friends who have shared some of their worse secrets, and so there should be no room for judgment. This is important as a support system will lose its purpose if it is not a judgment-free air.
It is also essential that you, too, are part of other people’s support systems. Support systems are a give and take kind of systems. There should be no room for malic, judging, pretense, and prejudice in a support system.
It should be a place of ferndom—freedom to shed the weight of the burden you carry and just be loved and encouraged.
We all need to hear this once in a while: “chin up girl, we got this|.

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