“We lost a great military hero” – Retired military pilot drowns saving two children


Michael Robidoux didn’t hesitate when he saw two children struggling in rough surf at a Florida beach.

The 23-year Air Force veteran was walking along the beach in the Florida panhandle on Saturday evening when he saw the two children struggling.

He jumped into the dangerous waters to try and save them but the current was too strong. As the retired military pilot swam out to them he got “caught in an undertow” as per WEAR TV.

The Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office said the incident happened just after 6 p.m.


Two surfers eventually managed to rescue the children who are now safe and a search was carried out for Michael.

He was found and rescuers performed CPR, Michael was then airlifted to hospital where he later died.

His wife Laura says he never hesitated to jump in the water and save the struggling children.

‘He gave the ultimate sacrifice’

“We lost a great military hero, a local hero and he wouldn’t have it any other way, that was Mike always giving to other people and he gave the ultimate sacrifice for a child he didn’t know,” said close friend and neighbor Dan Wood, as per WEAR TV.

“He died like he lived, serving people and he saved a life to give his life to save someone else,” he added.

Michael, who was also an Eagle Scout and most recently a pilot for Delta Airlines, was also a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross, as per Military News.

The brave hero was also an Eagle Scout and worked as a pilot for Delta Airlines, according to Fox News.

Such a brave man who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Rest in peace Michael.

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