‘What a great example’ – Man turns in envelope he finds containing $13,000 cash to police


It’s hard to know what any of us would do if we found an envelope full of cash lying in the street.

But one man didn’t hesitate to do the right thing when he found an envelope with $13,000 cash on the floor.

Carlos Gomez was rewarded for his honest actions by police who presented him with an Outstanding Service Award.

The Mountain Home Police Department in Idaho, said a contractor was shopping when he left the envelope of cash on the bumper of his car and then drove off without picking it up, as per WTSP News.

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Carlos, who works at a nearby dairy, saw the cash blowing around and ran outside to find the envelope containing $13,000 on August 9.

He didn’t hesitate to hand it into police and officers were able to track down its owner.

Carlos Gomez was given the service award by Mountain Home police, according to a Facebook post.

“What a great example to set for all our citizens and public servants!”  Brad Stokes said in a Facebook post “Thank you, Mr. Gomez and Lieutenant Larsen!”

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The post was met with words of praise commending the dairy worker for his honest actions.

“Carlos, you are a true hero! Thank you for being so honest!” one person wrote while another said: “Way to go Carlos! What a great man with integrity.”

Another person wrote: “Fantastic to know there are still good honest people out there! Glad he was honored! Need more of this in this world today! Thank you Mr. Gomez for restoring some faith in mankind!” 

What would you do if you found $13,000? Carlos Gomez of Mountain Home is a hero for finding and turning in all that money! What an example.Thank you! #GoodNews

Posted by Maggie O'Mara on Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Carlos’ actions deserve all the praise; his response to finding the money that day is the perfect example of how honesty is always the best policy.

What would you do if you found an envelope stashed with cash? Let us know in our comments section and share this story.

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