When Tomorrow Starts Without Me

When tomorrow starts without me; I have often wondered who will find out first that I am gone.
How will my friends feel, people I have created a space for myself in their hearts?
Death is sure an inevitable end. No one knows when it will come or how it will come. I live each day of my life as if it is my last. I don’t know if I might see tomorrow or be able to watch the sunset rise or know the dawn of another day. No one knows when.
Live each day of your life free of troubles and the anxiety the world brings. You might never know if this is your last breath.
If tomorrow starts without me, please try and move on with your life. An angel came and took me to meet my heavenly father, he welcomed me home, and I could have to leave my earthly home.
If tomorrow starts without me; please bear in mind that I am in a better place. I will always be in your heart and will never love you less.
Death calls itself own time and never blame yourself for not always being there for me, not knowing it is my last. If you ever did that, your life activities will stop because of me; I don’t want such scenarios.
I believe someday we will see again to part no more. If I couldn’t say these words to you tomorrow, know that I will always love you and being part of your life is undoubtedly the best thing that has ever happened to me.
If it were my choice to stay back, I would have; but in this case, nature calls. I will forever love you and will always remain in your hearts.

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