White woman goes on racist rant after smashing neighbor’s car with two hammers


When California resident Natalie Mason heard loud banging she opened her front door to find a woman using two hammers to smash a car.

The car, which was left with around 50 dents, belonged to Natalie’s roommate who was away at the time.

But the woman didn’t stop there, she also kicked a trash can over outside the house in Chatsworth and then shouted racist abuse at Natalie.

“I really thought it was an ex-girlfriend, an angry ex-girlfriend,” Natalie said.

Cell phone video shows woman damage car during racist rant :: WRAL.com

In trying to calm her violent neighbor down Natalie asked: ““What have we done to offend you? Please let us know.’”

But the woman continued with her tirade of abuse toward Natalie and in front of her children told her to “Go Back to Mexico.”

Another neighbor was able to restrain the woman and stop her from doing any further damage.

When the police arrived the woman repeatedly told officers she was upset that the car was parked too close to hers, despite it being parked in a public street.

Caught On Camera: Chatsworth Woman Goes On Racist Rant After ...
CBS Los Angeles

“It’s kind of hard to explain to the kids, because they witnessed it,” Natalie told CBS Local. “It’s kind of hard to explain, you know, what racism is.”

The car owner’s insurance won’t cover damage associated with vandalism so a GoFundMe has been set up to help.

“It’s not funny,” Natalie added. “It’s really sad to see somebody at that age act that way, but I think at the same time it brings awareness to what can really happen.”

Police said the woman has been booked on suspicion of felony vandalism, as reported by CBS Los Angeles.

I can’t believe this woman has only been booked for vandalism!

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