Woman addicted to DIY cheek fillers despite doctor’s warning – ‘it’s madness’


A woman who can’t stop injecting her own cheeks with filler has been warned against it by one doctor who describes is as “madness.”

Anastasiia Pokreshchuk from Kiev, Ukraine, appeared on UK TV daily show “This Morning” to defend her actions saying she now receives more “romantic attention” than before.

The 31-year-old who has spent over $2,000 on fillers and administers her own says she has no regrets insisting she does it “like a doctor.”

“I love this look, you know. I was like a gray mouse before. My nose was too big and now that I have big lips and big cheeks, it looks OK.”

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Сегодня прям красивая😍 по своему конечно😂😹

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Anastasiia says since having the injections she has become more confident, but not everyone around her shares her enthusiasm for this look.

“My mom thinks this is a little bit crazy but what can she do. No regrets! I’m happy with my cheeks,” she added, according to UNILAD.

Anastasiia said she learned how to do it at an online school and ensures everything is properly sterilized.

But cosmetic surgeon Alex Karidis warned of the dangers of doing it at home.

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Это то,чего мне хватало😍 ❤ Наращивание💚крутейшая @rita_major 💚 Краситель @anthocyanin_ukraine 💚

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“There’s a reason why injectable fillers are administered by experienced medical practitioners. Just because something is non-surgical, doesn’t mean it is non-medical,” he said, as per UNILAD.

“It takes a lot of skill and knowledge to do these; you should always make sure you’re in an environment where this can be done safely – not a kitchen or bathroom.”

The surgeon said it’s “madness” for someone to start injecting fillers on their own.

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😂😂😂Если шо,женщина слева это тоже я,но оооочень давно😂😂

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