Woman boots husband from delivery room, after missing baby’s birth he boots her from his will

Only hours after he was denied seeing the birth of his baby, a new father took revenge on his wife, who kicked him out of the delivery room.

Clutching his wife’s hand, she politely asked him to leave. But things went awry when the midwife jumped in, threatening to call security and have him forcibly removed.

Looking for advice from the online community, the father shared his story on Reddit, revealing that his dismissal from the delivery room triggered his insecurities in the marriage. Keep reading to learn how this father got his revenge!

In late November 2023, a 34-year-old shared his story on Reddit, explaining on that same day, his wife, 32, had their first child.

The original poster (OP) writes that he was in the delivery room, holding his wife’s hand supporting her through the painful process of bringing their child into the world.

“She was in pre-labor and was experiencing irregular contractions that she said weren’t painful yet. I told her how much I loved her and that she was doing great but made sure not to talk too much either,” the poster writes. “All of a sudden, my wife tells me to ‘please get out.’ I ask her what happened, and she says she just doesn’t want me there right now.”

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Next, the author explains the midwife interjected, causing the situation to spiral out of control.

“I stand there in surprise for several seconds, after which the midwife tells me to get out or she’ll call security…I feel humiliated. Not only was I banned abruptly from watching my child’s birth, but it was under the threat of force.”

According to online recruiter Indeed, a midwife’s responsibility during labor is to “offer physical and psychosocial support to their patients and their patients’ families,” support the OP says he did not receive.

This brought to the surface his insecurities from the deep hole they were buried.

Short on love and hugs

Triggered by what happened during the birth of his baby, the father, overcome with emotion, started over analyzing and spun out of control.

“Throughout our marriage, I’ve suspected that my wife wouldn’t be with me if it wasn’t for my job and family background. Her eyes don’t light up when I come home from work. I start our long hugs and she ends them early,” the author writes.

He further explains that she expresses little interest in what he has to say with wandering eyes and that “I don’t think she loves me nearly as much as I love her.”

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One netizen writes, “Then why for the love of God and all things good would you decide to have a kid with a woman who you think doesn’t even love you in the first place?”

A second shares, “She loves him enough to go through childbirth to have their kid. Feels weird to overthink long hugs at that point.”

Another, suggesting that changing the will is not only related to the labor room drama, but also a trigger point, shares. “…You are absolutely the a—–e for letting it get to this point, having a child with someone who you believe doesn’t truly love you, and now entangling a child into this mess.”

Booted from the will

The OP clarified he’s “not accusing her of being a gold digger,” but doubts she is in love with him. “If I died tomorrow, I don’t know if it would take her very long to move on.”

His solution was to “quietly change” his will without telling his wife, who’s in a marriage without a prenup.

He explains that the two live in a state where after death, the surviving spouse has the right to at least 25% of property, even if that person is disinherited.

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“I’ve decided to will her 30% of my separate property (was previously 100%) and 100% of our communal property if I die. The rest of my separate property, including income-producing assets and heirlooms, goes to my children and other family members.”

The husband didn’t completely delete her from his property and did consider the future well-being of kids in the will.

But the majority of cybernauts say he’s being unreasonable by reacting to his wife’s directions when experiencing severe labor pains.

“If pregnancy brain is on another level, labor brain is in the stratosphere,” says one netizen.

Another cyber user breaks down the situation: “So your wife was enduring one of the most painful and scary things a person can go through, when she’s at her most vulnerable, and she was pushing an entire human baby out of her vagina, and you’re butthurt that she didn’t want you to see her?…Birth is not a dignified process, and labor and delivery is not the place for your ego.” The comment continues, “Be an adult about it and have a civil conversation with your wife about how you don’t feel appreciated or loved, and find a couple’s counselor…Talk to your wife.”

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Defending himself, the OP responds: “If she didn’t want me there, I would have felt a lot better about her talking about it with me beforehand, hearing my opinion, and asking me if I would be okay with not being present at our child’s birth. I would have respected her wishes, even though it would have hurt. It’s just demeaning to threaten me with force instead to keep me from being present at my child’s birth.”

Another infonaut sums it all up: “My partner said he’d [poop] himself in solidarity if I [poop] myself during labour, thankfully for both of us I didn’t, but I appreciated the hell out of that line from him.”

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