Woman goes into hospital with back pain, comes out with baby


Having a baby is a shock no matter how many books you’ve read or advice you’ve gleaned from others, it’s never quite what you expect.

But imagine not knowing you’re pregnant until you admit yourself to hospital with back pain?

This is exactly what happened to Rhea Martin, from Stockport, England, when she was rushed to hospital after experiencing excruciating back pain.

She was so shocked to discover that she was pregnant and in labor that she fainted.

When the 24-year-old saleswoman came to she was having her baby and had no time to let her family know before giving birth to 6lb 7 oz baby boy Myles Melling.

Manchester Evening News

The couple are overjoyed to have a baby boy but admit the experience has been “quite traumatizing.”

“You go into hospital thinking you have serious back pain and a bad stomach ache caused by your period and come out with a baby,” Rhea said, as per the Metro newspaper.

“We had no time to process anything or prepare so the last six weeks have been challenging and we’ve been so lucky to have amazing parents who have helped us out massively.

Rhea and son
The Mirror newspaper

“In the first week after Myles arrived we kept discussing plans to do as a couple, then we’d remember we had a baby and the things we used to do wouldn’t be so ideal for a baby to join.

“It’s been a pretty surreal time but we wouldn’t change it for the world.”

Rhea hadn’t noticed anything different and put an increase in dress size down to spending more time in lockdown, when in fact she was carrying a baby, tucked away toward her back.

‘Myles is the biggest blessing’

The couple admit that it’s been a struggle financially with Rhea losing her job and dad Luke, a personal trainer, not being able to work as much.

“We’re determined to give Myles the best start to life he can have, despite having absolutely no preparation,” Luke said.

“Myles is the biggest blessing from what has been a strange year for us all.”

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