Woman ‘let God take the wheel’ during a high-speed crash in Ohio


Police in Ohio received an unusual response when they interrogated a suspect after she was involved in a high-speed crash in mid-June.

The woman told police she was driving at a high rate of speed and sped through a red light because she wanted to “test her faith with God.”

Watch the crash in the video below.

The crash occurred shortly before midnight on June 15 in Beachwood, Ohio.

The woman, 31, was driving with her 11-year-old daughter in the front passenger seat when she decided to put her faith in God.

Traffic cameras caught the moment she made the decision.


She drove through a red light at more than 100 mph and slammed into another car that was in the middle of the intersection.

The crash caused her car to spin, crash into a utility pole, another vehicle, and eventually a house.

According to a police report, the woman said she “let go and let God take the wheel.”

She and her daughter were taken to the hospital for treatment; the other driver was not injured.

There was no evidence of drugs or alcohol, but she had informed police she had been experiencing some “trials and tribulations” in her life including recently losing her job.

Valley Central reports the woman now faces felony assault, endangering a child, and driving under suspension.

It sounds like this woman needs some help, and I hope she gets it.

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