Woman wonders if she’s a jerk for refusing to tattoo overweight lady


The popularity of tattoos is undeniable, with an estimated 225 million people worldwide sporting at least one, according to Gitnux.

However, sometimes tattoo artists face difficult decisions when clients’ body types present challenges to their designs.

In a recent Reddit post, a tattoo artist sought guidance from the internet community after a confrontation with a plus-sized client. Initially agreeing on a design for a geometric/jewelry tattoo on the client’s stomach/underboob area, the artist ended up having some unforeseen obstacles.

Describing the client’s torso as “a series of folds,” the artist quickly realized the proposed design might not translate well onto her client’s body.

“Her entire torso was just a series of folds especially around her ribs and the middle of her stomach where the tattoo would be placed, not only that but under her various folds there had definitely not been cleaned in a while (the smell was something else),” the Redditor wrote.

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Attempting to handle the situation delicately, the artist explained the limitations and suggested alternative placements or designs better suited to the client’s physique.

“I had already drawn up the tattoo but upon looking at her torso I decided it simply wouldn’t be possible, the tattoo would either have to go into her (dirty smelly) folds or skip over those areas, which means if she lost weight that there would be huge gaps in the tattoo,” the Redditor explained.

She continued: “So I simply told her that I could not do the tattoo, she asked why and I tried to explain to her as kindly as possible that because of her folds on her stomach that I would not be able to do a nice tattoo in that style but that we could go for a different placement or do something more organic for that area…”

However, the client reacted strongly, accusing the artist of fat-phobia. The artist then declined to proceed with the tattoo, saying that it was the client’s behavior that ultimately influenced her decision.

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The artist questioned whether their response was appropriate, particularly in refusing to work with the client following the outburst.

Responses from fellow artists and Redditors generally supported the artist’s decision, with one person writing: “You gave her professional advice and she attacked you verbally. Good riddance.”

Someone else added: “You’re an artist. And if the ‘canvas’ is such that it would leave your artwork looking shoddy, I can understand why you’d be hesitant to do it or outright refuse to do it. Also, she was extremely rude to you. I think you have the right to refuse further service on a usable surface of her body. Plus, body odor revulsion is a real thing, and she wasn’t even considerate enough to come in to the appointment, CLEAN.!”

A further person chimed in with: “Trying to get a tattoo on unwashed folded skin doesn’t even make sense. That’s disgusting and unsanitary. Sounds like a recipe for infection that she would’ve also blamed on you.”

“You provided better service than some kitchen wizard just willing to slap anything on and take the money. Tattoos are for life, and I wish more artists and clients remembered that. You did this lady a service,” another comment read.

What do you think? And what would you have done in this situation? Let us know in the comments!


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