Woman’s boyfriend makes shocking demand after learning she rents out house her father gifted her


A woman found herself in a unique living situation when her father gifted her a two-story home designed like an apartment.

Seeing the value in this, she ended up turning the property into a source of passive income by renting out the lower floor for $500 while she lived on the second floor.

Taking to the popular Reddit thread, AITA (Am I The A**hole?), the woman explained that the apartment was in a fantastic location – an hour’s drive from the city and 15 minutes from the nearest store.

In comparison to modern options in the area, she said that the rent she charged was fair, given that other apartments cost upwards of $600-$700.

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At 18, she invited her boyfriend of three months to move in. He was facing living situation challenges and preferred not to return to his parents‘ home, so she said he was welcome to stay with her as a solution.

Living together for three months, her boyfriend remained unaware that she owned the apartment. While she didn’t ask that he pay rent or utilities, they split the grocery bills evenly.

One day, a tenant informed her about a malfunctioning freezer, and the woman told her tenant to purchase another one and that she would reimburse her for the cost.

“I answered the door and my boyfriend heard us talking I suppose. I went downstairs to take a look and we came to the conclusion that she would buy a new one, send me the receipt and I would give her the money,” the woman explained.

“When I went upstairs my boyfriend asked if it could be fixed, I told him no, but she was going to buy a new one and I would pay for it. He looked at me like I was crazy and asked me why the hell I would pay for her freezer, I told him that because I am her landlord and the freezer was there when she started renting, I would stand for the cost,” she said.

The man became incensed, with the woman revealing that he started “screaming” at her and calling her “evil” for withholding this information from him.

“I said I was sorry for not telling him but I did not think that it would matter. He said he could not believe he was together with someone who is a landlord, that all of us just use people for money and that the only thing ‘we people’ care about is money and would rather have people be homeless then offering affordable rent,” she said.

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Despite her apologies, the boyfriend insisted on the financial share, leading to a heated argument. “He demanded that I give him 50% of the money I make from rent or else I was just as bad as he thought,” the woman wrote.

He gave her the silent treatment as a weird punishment, and the woman decided to just end the relationship there.

She called her dad for support, and he sat in his car outside while the woman confronted her boyfriend and ended the relationship.

The incident sparked discussions on Reddit, with many users siding with the woman.

“NTA [Not The A**hole], dump him. I know that’s a common response on this subreddit, but this dude was happy to exploit you for free lodging, and now that he finds out you’ve got income he wasn’t aware of he wants half of it just cause or else you’re a big meanie? You do not owe him an apology. You owe him a kick in the rear,” one person wrote.

Someone else added: “When I saw his reaction, I thought I must have misread. NTA. He is not the one. You WERE ‘giving him half’ by giving him a free place to live. Please don’t let him manipulate you.”

A third user agreed, chiming in with: “Bruh, I was almost on his side for not liking landlords and not wanting to be in a relationship with one right up until he asked for 50% of the rent on your property. There is a line and he crossed it multiple times there. You are NTA.”

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