Women spends 5 hours a day in her kitchen – says it’s her job to make husband’s life easier

Millions of women have entered the workforce in the past century. Strict gender roles are no longer relevant in today’s world. Wives and husbands assign obligations in a far more equal manner.

Of course, some women even from his generation are determined to preserve gender norms and do everything in their power to uphold them.

twenty-five Estee Williams is wed to Connor, a 23-year-old. Estee’s portrayal of a “tradwife” has angered people online. She would rather take care of all household chores and be a typical wife, often known as a housewife. As a wife, she gladly carries out her gender role.


In 2020, Estee was a meteorology student when she met her future husband. The Virginia pair discovered they had a lot in common with one another and fell in love right away. Her spouse works as an electrician full-time. Estee also mentioned how she dislikes it when he returns home and works. She hardly ever counts on his helping out.

She does more for him than just cook and clean. She does not go to the gym without him, though, because she lets him plan her day. And doesn’t make any purchases other than groceries without his consent. In addition, she makes an effort to be ready for his return by doing her hair and cosmetics.


Although the couple is childless at the moment, they anticipate that when they do, everything will stay the same because Estee will take care of the family at home. Additionally, they intend to homeschool their kids in order to have more control over what they are “consuming academically.”

Growing up in a fractured household, Estee witnessed her mother’s struggles following her divorce. The 25-year-old does not think it is possible for women to have it all. And although some social media users are quick to label her as “lazy” for not making a financial contribution, she actually likes not having to worry about her job or bill-paying.

Estee has the right to decide what she wants to accomplish with her life as an adult. How do you feel about her decisions? Tell us in the comments below.

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