“You don’t know what this means to me” – the moment a 108-year-old grandfather meets his namesake


Those that still have their grandparents well into their adult years are lucky but to know your great grandparents must be a true blessing.

Jenna Lehne admits that most people’s great grandfathers are “faded childhood memories” if any memory at all.

Yet Jenna’s great grandfather turned 108 in January and is reportedly the oldest man in Canada.

Esmond Allcock was born outside of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan in 1910 and has a remarkable six children, 17 grandchildren, 36 great-grandchildren and 12 great-great-grandchildren.

“He is my great-grandfather and the man I named my son after. While most people’s great-grandfathers are faded childhood memories, I’ve been lucky enough to have had him with me for the past 30 years,” Jenna tells Love What Matters.

“When I found out I was pregnant with my first son, he got on the phone and called all his children to let them know that I was increasing the population. When I got pregnant with my second, he mentioned to my grandmother that he was responsible for 71 descendants and no one had named their son after him. My husband and I had wanted to name our new son after family, and that just sealed the deal.”

108-Year-Old Man Meets First of 71 Descendants Who Share His Name - YouTube

Jenna’s son was born January 11, 2017 just weeks away from his great great-grandfather’s 108th birthday. There was snow on the ground at the time.

“Once the snow melted, I loaded up the baby and took off to the neighboring province to introduce my great-grandfather to his namesake.” Jenna said.

Esmond Allcock says the secret to living 108 years is to select the proper spouse.Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/1.4507942

Posted by CBC Saskatchewan on Monday, January 29, 2018

When Jenna arrived holding his latest great great-grandchild Esmond senior wasn’t sure who Jenna was but was so distracted by baby Esmond it didn’t seem to matter.

He then remembered Jenna as the ‘Walk Walk’ girl, the little girl who was desperate to stand on her own two feet from a very early age.

“As he held my son, he kissed his head and said over and over again, ‘You don’t know what this means to me. You don’t know what this means to me.’

“It’s been a few months since we’ve seen my great-grandfather, but he asks my grandma about his namesake all the time. She sends him photos and gives him updates. Once the snow melts, we’ll be on our way to visit him again. It will be great-great grandpa Esmond, little Ez, and the ‘Walk Walk’ girl.”

Jenna is so lucky to have her great great-grandfather around to share her joys with and what stories he must have to tell.

The moment he meets baby Esmond is a truly beautiful scene. Help spread the happiness by sharing this story.

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